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I’m so frustrated with the fact that dance as a genre is so much harder for the general public to access than other art genres like acting or music. Turn on the tv, and you see actors in shows, or music artists performing. those art forms are everywhere. It’s true that commercialized dance has quite a bit of coverage in the media nowadays, but most dancers who take dance seriously as an art form are training for the concert venue- which is not something that is as accessible to the public as say, ‘Dance Moms’ or something. I’m not trying to bash these commercialized dance forms, we are definitely in a better place as dancers than we were 20 or even 10 years ago, but because dance is such a relatively new art form, we have so much further to go. Dancers! Protect your art! You are a speaker for your art, and it’s your duty to inform and educate people to the world of dance !!!

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it’s only been two days back a SUNY Purchase and I’m so excited for this year !!